“Farming: From Planting to Picking”

exhibit runs through October

Goodman Library, 1219 First St., Napa

Napa has long been famous for its agricultural products. Livestock, grains, fruit and nuts have been grown locally since before Napa became a county. Starting July 18, 2013, the Napa County Historical Society will display an exhibit entitled “Farming: From Planting to Picking” depicting our agricultural history and the families that dedicate their lives to the land.

“The idea for the exhibit struck me as we listened with the other rapt members of the audience to the presentation at the Historical Society’s Annual Meeting in May. Three of Napa’s farming families presented their fascinating histories, including the Tofanelli family of Calistoga, the Rodgers/Siquera family of Napa, and the Page/Ragatz family of Trubody Ranch,” said Alexandria Brown, Research Librarian. “Their stories drove home the history of family farming in the valley; the way the valley was first viewed as best used for ranching, only later growing grain and fruits. One section of the exhibit displays historic crop production reports that tell the story in numbers.” As many California farming communities lose their farmland, the Historical Society celebrates Napa County’s 1968 adoption of the Agricultural Preserve and the importance of our farming history.

This exhibit would not have been possible without the contribution of the Napa County Farm Bureau.