“The Valley and the Vox: A Story of Triumph Before Silicon Valley” by William F. Jensen


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From back cover: Peter L. Jensen is the loudspeaker inventor who co-founded Magnavox® and later manufactured Jensen® speakers. Now, for the first time, unpublished manuscripts from Jensen’s estate reveal an astonishing true story from the dawn of electronics in the Silicon and Napa valleys. The Valley and the Vox recounts an entertaining rags-to-riches journey fueled by the electronic marvels of the early 20th century. In his lighthearted and humorous narrative, Peter Jensen conveys the exhilarating, fortuitous and almost accidental discoveries leading to radio and audio as we know it today. Along the way he recounts the amusing curiosity of the first sound system users, ranging from Woodrow Wilson and Prince Edward to ordinary citizens hearing mysterious voices on high. Brilliant but struggling inventors joined forces with the tricksters of capitalism to create today’s world of amplified sound. Technology, war, politics and the boom of American business all combine to make this courageous story one of epic triumph.